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Photography that feels like home...

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Travel back and relive the most enchanting chapters of your lives.

Welcome to my world, where laughter, joy and chaos intertwine to reveal the true essence of who you are.

I believe that genuine moments of laughter and fun have the power to unveil the most beautiful versions of ourselves. When you're relaxed and enjoying the present moment, your true personality shines , and those moments are the ones I live for as photographer, freezing these precious moments in time for you, and your loved ones.

Every photoshoot is an opportunity to embrace the joy and allow your natural emotions to come to life and I can't wait for you to jump on this adventure with me!

Whether it's a tickle, a heartfelt giggle, classical  toddlers meltdown or little knees full of  bruises, representing  happy childhood. Whether it's an uncle's terrible dance at your wedding day, or a spontaneous burst of laughter. These moments become the vibrant threads that weave together the tapestry of your unique story.

Together, let's embark on a journey where we create a space for genuine connections and cherished memories.  

 Let's capture the real you - full of emotions, wrapped in laughter, and embracing the beauty of this incredible journey we call life.

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Hi !

am Evelin, a passionate photographer and a proud mom of two wonderful little girls and dog mum to Oliver. Photography has been a love of mine since as far back as I can blah blah blah....

Even though  this is all true and I love photography, and I AM proud mum of two girls, and one grumpy Cavalier, whom I love to death (most of the time haha) , I have to be honest and say that it didn't all start as straight forward love story.

My whole adult life I was surrounded with photographers, and ironically I was always on the opposite side of camera, modelling.

I would be standing there feeling awkward AF, never knowing what to do with my own hands (because who does!? YOU ARE NORMAL!), and dreaming of what will these photos look like, and (of course) they would never look as I imagined it.

They were amazing, but not what I would have pictured in my head for them to be, it was the dream of another photographer, their vision, not mine. 

And at that moment, the idea that MAYBE I should take the camera, and take photos myself as I am imagining them in my head, was born for the first time...

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children family photography

"Photography is the art of freezing an emotion, forever capturing it in a single frame."

Capturing Love

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Kind Words

maternity photography
maternity photography
You created magic !

If you want to create the most beautiful memories in the most relaxed way possible, you have all my recommendations for this woman and her work! 😍

Evelin is the first photographer with whom I felt so relaxed to be completely who I am and the result was pure emotion 🫶

We already created several wonderful memories with Evelin and I am very much looking forward to all the future ones ❤️


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