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field of wilde flowers photographz summer golden hour

Evelin, who?

I am Evelin, a passionate photographer and a proud mom of two wonderful little girls and dog mum to Oliver. Photography has been a love of mine since as far back as I can blah blah blah....

Even though  this is all true and I love photography, and I AM proud mum of two girls, and one grumpy Cavalier, whom I love to death (most of the time haha) , I have to be honest and say that it didn't all start as straight forward love story.

My whole adult life I was surrounded with photographers, and ironically I was always on the opposite side of camera, modelling.

I would be standing there feeling awkward AF, never knowing what to do with my own hands (because who does!? YOU ARE NORMAL!), and dreaming of what will these photos look like, and (of course) they would never look as I imagined it.

They were amazing, but not what I would have pictured in my head for them to be, it was the dream of another photographer, their vision, not mine. 

And at that moment, the idea that MAYBE I should take the camera, and take photos myself as I am imagining them in my head, was born for the first time...

It took me 9 years from that  moment, new country, two kids and a dog to realize  that I'm ready to start my own business, and live my personal dream of seeing your delighted faces  when you open your gallery :)

It kind of pays off to chaos I'm living in as mum of two toddlers and business woman TRYING to be ambitious (haha!), because, in honesty, most of the time it's just surviving between these two rolls, BUT I am proud to say that I have mastered the chaos by now, and made ART out of it....


I know how overwhelming and chaotic life can be, but also I know from my experience how quickly time flies, and how much we miss those messy, emotional and ordinary moments.  

I know. 

It's my mission to make those moments last forever.

To make you feel safe and enjoy every part of it, for you to have new amazing adventure , filled with laugh, tears, dirty hands, crazy family, weird mother in laws, and meltdowns ,

because that is EXACTLY WHAT LIFE IS!!


Are you in?   

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about me-367.jpg

My Love Note  to You

"Camera doesn't love me. I am not photogenic. I don't know what to do in front of camera.

I am not beautiful. I feel awkward."

As a photographer, those are THE MOST common things I hear, 

and what I want you to know is this:

As someone who was in front of the camera way to long before becoming a photographer,  I know how awkward it can be. I know you have no idea what to do with your damn hands, how  NOT to have awkward face or where to look.

It's normal! YOU ARE NORMAL! Nobody knows!

I get it. I know your struggles and how real they are.

(Very real!!!) 

 That is where I step in :) 

It's my job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It's my job to guide you through your photoshoot, and to make sure you are crying laughing by the end of it :D

You don't have to be "photogenic", you don't have to be master in posing or pretend you were born in front of the camera.

You just need to be you, unique, unperfect you, with all your flaws and virtues.

I want you to look at this event as fun and cool experience before anything else, and I will make sure you are blown away with your gallery of photographs full of your beauty and emotions :)

flowers nature photography
flowers nature photography
about me-358.jpg

My toxic treats are ...

having way to many coffees

having unrealistic expectations from myself 


putting things I don't need in online shopping cart, for hours, and never actually buying it 

postponing my workout for early morning and never waking up early to do it.

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